How does the moon affect us

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May 27
How does the moon affect us

How does the moon affect us?

Whether you believe it or not, the moon affects us in our daily lives, and being aware of the moon cycles can help us get in flow. For centuries people have studied the moon cycles, and there are many theories about how things work in our universe.

Most people are aware that the moon affects the tides across the world. And as our bodies are 60% water, it is believed that the moon has an affect on our bodies too, using the same gravitational pull that affects the tides. This change in gravity in our bodies, will also affect our mind, as body and mind are interconnected. Science may not be able to understand it, but it does make some sort of sense that if all water on earth is affected by the moon’s gravitational pull, then that will include the water in our body.

How does the moon affect us and our sleep?

Swiss researchers found in 2013 that, on average, people slept 20 minutes less when there was a full moon, than at other times in the lunar cycle. The full moon is renowned for films about wearwolves and other lunatic tendencies. If we’re more tired, are we more likely to be grumpy and not our real selves?

“A brief loss of sleep might mean very little to you or I,” Dr McCrae says. “But for somebody of a condition like bipolar affective disorder [formerly known as manic depression] who may be on the cusp of going into a manic phase, that could be a significant trigger.

“For someone with mental health problems, it can be something that sets off a more significant episode of psychological distress.”

Dr Mcrae, author of The Moon and Madness, quoted in article about Supermoon November 2016

How does the moon affect us and our daily lives?

From the work we’ve done over the years, and our personal studies, we know that the cycle of the moon affects our mood, energy, and focus. Just like the seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, there are seasons within the lunar cycle too. If you start to notice the moon cycles in your calendar, or even just by admiring the moon each night, take note how you feel and what you feel like doing. Our feelings are quite important here, and pushing things, just because they’re on our list, isn’t always the best way of getting things done.

You know how some days you wake up and feel like doing the cleaning, but when it’s on the list to do it may not be the thing you want to do that day? Well, we want you to know that it could be tied up with how the moon affects us.

So, very simplistically, the lunar cycle is broken into 4 seasons, and each season, you’re more likely to feel and be better at achieving the following:


Rest, relaxation, withdraw & recharge. Let go of habits. Set your intentions for the month ahead



Plan, create, communicate, think. Stretch outside your comfort zone. Networking. Make decisions


Reflect and review. Access new solutions. Delegate, detox, let go, healing & pamper yourself


Celebrate. Have fun. Take inspired action. Take things out into the world. Support & nuture others


As we enter a new month of the lunar cycle (new moon Thursday 25th May 2017), be aware of how the moon affects us, and particularly you, and see if you notice what you feel like doing each week.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about how you believe the moon affects us. Let us know below, or contact us, and let’s talk. We’ll be running some workshops and further learning programmes around this area and how understanding the world around us, and natures cycles, can affect our personal flow.






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